The Language Barrier. Watch your language.

Brief: Spark conversation to help understand a misinterpreted community.

Insight:  'We pronounce letters differently, write in a different direction, people think we are more aggressive because of they way we speak' Feelings of anger and anxiety have consumed the language barrier due to a misunderstanding. 

Idea: The President of the Islamic Society at Falmouth University outlined the struggles that are constantly being batted with this cultural divid, the collected thoughts have been translated on a symbol of obstruction.
Phrases taken from our interview outlined a few key feelings that resonated. I was interested to see that an obstruction could be illustrated when writing the languages together.
The structure is based on a Czech hedgehog or Anti Tank Trap, an object that appears during a conflict with a purpose to prevent it.
The obstruction was intentionally left in walkways, with the intension of starting a conversation about an ongoing struggle. I was pleased to be nominated for a Creative Conscience Award.