Space Cornwall. It's play time.​​​​​​​
Brief: Create a brand that pioneers the opportunity for space travel from Newquay Airport, Cornwall.
Insight: On average five million tourists visit Cornwall each year, many being young families.
Idea: Now that Space is at the tip of our fingers, Space Cornwall aims to inspire young inquisitive minds with the magic of space exploration, that may soon become a reality.
The logo mark is inspired by the existing shape of Newquay airport. The mark has an extractable uplifting 'A' that when extended strengthens the motion of a take off. This element not only holds the mark in place but acts as a placeholder for other applications.
The journey through the brand film is rooted around the need to be curious and discover. I have appropriated  language that children would be most familiar with to excite them about the concept of adventure.
Inspired by the idea of magic I have designed a set of visuals that make the thought of playing on the moon possible.
To activate the project, Space Cornwall will tour the beaches in the UK with a unique playground idea. The idea is to educate and encourage play amongst young families.